Thursday, 14 March 2013

Today I went to the Coolum Beach Library to learn about Blogging.

Rhonda and Ernie

The Speakers were Rhonda Hetzel from the award winning Blog
"Down to Earth"
Ernie Marcum who is a filmmaker, photographer, digital artist and web designer. 

Getting Started

I have decided to start blogging about my physical journeys (Travels) and my life's Journey.

Why: To share my thoughts and photos primarily with family

Where: I decided on Blogger because this is  one of the two that they recommended on the course. I already have a Google account and I had some idea of how it works.

When: I am still not too sure about how often I will do this but I am thinking about once a week at this stage.

What: I am thinking I will try and convey my thoughts with pictures as much as possible

I found the course to be interesting and gave me much food for thought.

I thought I had better make a start even if I am not totally sure of where I am going yet